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Vishal Subramanyan is a 21 year old wildlife photographer and undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. Using camera traps, telephoto lenses, and other photography techniques, he aims to capture unique imagery that raises awareness about conservation and inspires community action. With an academic background in ecology, he integrates science into his storytelling efforts, using his knowledge of the animals and environments to create compelling stories.

Vishal has been photographing since he was 14 years old, when he went on a trip to Alaska with his dad. He had always wanted to see the bears fishing salmon, and immediately got hooked onto photography when he picked up a camera there. Since then, he has been working on conservation stories across California. His work with bobcats in the Bay Area has earned him both local coverage and international recognition through a highly commended award from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Photo Contest by the London Natural History Museum.

An important part of his work is directly engaging with his community. Vishal regularly gives speaking engagements in the Bay Area and beyond, where he's able to connect with a wide audience of nature lovers. With a community of over 100,000 followers on social media, he’s been able to expose many people to the natural wonders of California. He also regularly works with media organizations, most recently National Geographic, to share local stories with a global audience.

Currently, he is in his final year of university, and is collaborating with the National Park Service, UC Berkeley, and local non-profits on various science and storytelling projects across the state.

Awards and Recognition

  • California Creators for Nature cohort member

  • Highly Commended in the Urban Wildlife Category for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 

  • Rising Explorer Grantee for the Explorers Club

  • First ever Grant Recipient for the California Wolf Foundation

  • Mary Bowerman Science and Research Grant from Save Mount Diablo

  • SPUR Research Grant

  • Top 100 in the 2018 Audubon Photography Contest

  • 2nd place in Yellowstone Forever Competition 2016

  • Best Shots in Ranger Rick's Magazine

  • Won the Nature’s Best Backyards 2017 photo contest

  • Winner of Save the Bay Calendar Contest

  • Winner of Wildlife Vets Stories of Survival Youth Photo Contest



Vishal is available for assignments, speaking engagements and media requests. If you'd like to contact him please reach him at or at +15102921714  Instagram: @vishalsubramanyan

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